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  • Posted on October 09, 2018
  • Research showed that about 90% of people who trade without a mentor end up losing their money. As a matter of fact, even the trades executed by brokerage firms wind up losing money. There is really no guarantee, especially if your trading knowledge, skills, and tools are insufficient. Successful traders have the ability to work around the odds and put things in their favor. If you are a novice trader or has been trading for quite a while now but didn’t seem to find success, then you should consider having a mentor by your side.

    A good mentor like Kai Whitney will show you the easiest way to become a successful trader. Kai Whitney is a Wall Street veteran and has a vast experience in the trading arena. Throughout his trading journey, he has experienced the ups and downs and he was able to learn not by the books but through experience. He can help you avoid costly mistakes and will teach you the ins and outs of the trading business so that you can increase your chances of becoming successful.

    Why trade with a mentor like Kai Whitney is a must?

    Kai Whitney
    • It is the opportunity to learn from the expert – There are many people who present themselves as a trading guru. They promise to help you become a successful trader. The truth is that only a few of them can keep up with their promises. Many are there to make money from you. Which is why it is important to carefully choose a mentor. Kai Whitney’s Wall Street career is enough to show to you that he really has what it takes to help you become a successful trader. He does not only have the knowledge. He has the experience. The opportunity that he offers is priceless. If you want to learn the ins and outs of trading, then you should choose the best mentor.
    • A mentor will help you set a realistic goal – A successful trader should have goals. However, success will be impossible if you don’t set a realistic goal. As a new trader, you should set an attainable goal. Do not attempt to break a bank with the hope of making a huge money. It is best to start small and adjust your goals as you go along. Do not be too ambitious with your goal. Do not engage in a greedy trade. As a newbie, you are susceptible to making such mistakes. Which is why it is important to have a mentor by your side. He/she can guide you in your trading journey. 

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